Technical FAQs

What type of browser should I use to view this site?
Any Internet browser should work ok. We recommend Mozilla FireFox, Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

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Does your website use "cookies", and why?
Our website uses temporary "cookies" to allow system login and for keeping track of who is making the website requests. This "cookie" is temporary, and is not saved on your computer, or used for any other reason.
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How do I endorse a policy?

Online Endorsements

The following endorsements cannot be processed online:
Adding of any policy level discount
Changes to a Non-owner policy
Insured's Request to Cancel
Removal of any driver

For these types of endorsements, please print and complete an Endorsement Request form. For all other endorsements, from the Policy Summary screen, click the Endorse button. Select the date the endorsement should be effective and click the Continue button to proceed to the Endorsement Quote Summary Screen.

To make corrections to the insureds address or to change policy coverages, click the Update Policy Info button.

To make changes to existing vehicles, their lienholder or alternate garaging address, click the Update button beside the vehicle you wish to change. To remove a vehicle, click the Remove button beside the vehicle you wish to remove. To add a new vehicle, click the Add a Vehicle button. Please do not change an existing vehicle to a new vehicle by using the Update button. Always Remove the old vehicle and then Add the new vehicle.

To make changes to an existing driver, click the Update button beside the driver you wish to change. To add a new driver, click the Add Included Driver button. If an existing driver needs to be removed, it must be done by filling out an Endorsement Request form. It cannot not be done with the Online Endorsement system.

After all changes are complete, from the Endorsement Quote Summary screen, click the Rate button. From the Endorsement Quote screen you can see the changes in premium incurred by the endorsement, a list of changes made and the minimum down payment required to bind the endorsement. You can print this screen by clicking the Print Endorsement Quote button. To return to the Endorsement Quote Summary screen, click the Return to Quote Summary button. To proceed with the endorsement, click the Proceed to Binding button. If you wish to abort this endorsement, simply click the Exit button. Once an Endorsement Quote has been exited, it cannot be re-opened. If you exit an endorsement, then decide to do the endorsement, simply start again from the Policy Summary screen by clicking the Endorse button.

After clicking Proceed to Binding you will be asked to upload photos if required and to post payment for the endorsement if required. To cancel the binding of the endorsement, click the Cancel button and you will be returned to the Endorsement Quote Summary screen. To bind the endorsement, click the Complete Endorsement Request button. This will bind the endorsement and generate the necessary documents in PDF format. The documents will automatically open at this point. These documents can also be found in View Recent Web Documents under the Mail/Reports tab. Please follow the instructions on the first page of the document to complete the endorsement process.

If you have bound an endorsement in error, please go to the Mail/Reports tab and click on Endorsement Corrections to search by date for a list of your endorsements that have not yet been processed. To void an endorsement, click Void and a PDF will be generated stating that the endorsement has been voided and will not be processed.

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What do I use to view the downloadable forms on this website?
The downloadable forms on this website can be viewed by using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded directly from Adobe at

Download Acrobat Reader

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