Welcome to 21st Century General Agency, Inc.


When 21st Century opened its doors almost 15 years ago, many within the industry were not at all optimistic about its ability to successfully compete, for the company was launched during a turbulent time within the industry, when many major, as well as a multitude of minor carriers, were locked in a fierce battle for significant shares of the Texas non-standard auto market. To everyone's amazement, after the battle was over and more than 60% of the carriers in the state were either bankrupt or had decided to exit the Texas market, due to substantial losses, the new-little company, called 21st Century General Agency, was still standing.

Since the inception of the company, 21st Century General Agency has proven to be tough, agile and smart enough to compete, long term, in a field that includes some of the biggest corporations in America. As a result of its performance and history, top notch reinsurance carriers, and agents have come to trust and support the company.

The same A-rated carriers have supported the company for almost a decade and scores of the most distinguished and successful independent agents in Texas count 21st Century as one of their top three preferred auto markets.


From the very inception of the company, customer service has been defined as the central theme-objective of the company. Our goal has always been to simply provide customer service that is second to none within our industry.

Our unique customer service policies and programs include our famous "a live customer service representative by the third ring" initiative and our trademark "Customer Care Program." Our "3 rings" initiative recognizes the agent's need to quickly and efficiently service the customer. Our "Customer Care Program" is an initiative that is designed to detect and resolve problems quickly in a proactive manner, encourage additional production in an informal manner, and create goodwill by recognizing and celebrating significant events in our agents and CSR's lives.


It is more difficult to obtain a 21st Century agency appointment than it is to obtain an appointment with many multi-billion dollar insurance companies. Some of our requirements include the following:

  • In business for at least 5 years
  • Demonstrate financial stability
  • Proven proactive and consistent underwriting
  • Good credit and an excellent record with TDI
  • A minimum of a $750,000 book