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While 21st Century General Agency is an established, stable and financially secure company, we are a small corporation in comparison to many of our primary competitors. Some may view this as a disadvantage; we however, view this as a advantage, for it allows us to more concisely focus on our two main objectives which are Customer Satisfaction and Customer Retention.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to excellence in this area will manifest itself in a thousand customer and agent friendly ways.

From issuing policies within two working days, to posting all payments the same day as they are received, or to speaking with a live customer service representative, with a positive attitude, within three rings, our service is second to none.

In Addition, because we are a Smaller Company, we have the Opportunity to Provide Personalized Service. Our Customer Service Representatives will Deal with your CSR's on a First Name Basis, and Advise, Help and/or Assistance from an Underwriter or from Management can be easily Obtained in the event of a Difficult Issue or Situation.

Customer Retention

Because we are Conservative and Cautious, we have been able to Consistently Generate Loss Ratios that are below the Industry Average. As a Result, we have and will Continue to use this Rate Flexibility to Maintain Stable and Competitive Rates Renewal Period after Renewal Period.

21st Century General Agency offers a Unique and Exciting Option in the Market Place today. Discover for Yourself how we can help you Grow your Agency and become more Successful.

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